A22L - 24-4421

100hp Rotax 912 ULS engine
Xcom760 VHF
GME Tx 3500 UHF
Microair Transponder
Rotax Flydat engine monitoring system
Fuel scan fuel flow guage
3 blade Keiv prop fitted 159 hours ago
Airframe and Engine 1475 hour
Engine life 1500 hour TBO 
Great STOL plane and lots of fun to fly. Located Charleville SW Queensland 
$55,000 inc GST 
Please call Will on 0428125097


A22LS  - 24-8300


24-8300 is a rare and unmarked privately owned example of the injection engined Foxbat, with 912iS upgrade and full 10” SkyView with a transponder, GME 3500 UHF and only 324 hours total time - great services history by a LAME and not a mark on it - and always been hangared. Asking $109,000

Please contact me for further details. Clayton Hoch (07) 4985 3508 or 0428 567 311 Look forward to hearing from you.


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